One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.
C.G. Jung 
I, along with all the counselors at Schmidt Counseling Associates, have done extensive work on my own  story in an effort to be the best therapist and counselor possible.
 In my work with Basic Christian Communities and in my ministry in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador during the times of civil war, I came to know myself and others in new ways.  Doing Justice in Time of War is a reflection on life, friendship and courage with the people of  Central  and South America and the need for all persons of good will to work together towards the creation of a more just world.

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We must not seek the child Jesus in the pretty figures of our Christmas cribs. We must seek him among the undernourished children who have gone to bed at night with nothing to eat.


Archbishop Oscar Romero, December 24, 1979