The Program

The Amanecer program is a treatment approach for individuals who have difficulty controlling and appropriately expressing sexual and/or aggressive urges.

Special attention has been given to the unique characteristics of this group that have led them into problems in this particular area so that the therapeutic strategies that have been developed will maximize the impact upon participants.

Each phase of the Amanecer program has been created to utilize the most recent developments in psychotherapy and rehabilitation while still allowing for flexibility to meet individual participant needs.

The types of difficulties which might be suitable for program attention would include domestic violence, other assaultive or abusive actions, loss of temper, destruction of property, battering of spouse or children, or other types of unacceptable aggressive acts; also, child molesting, incest, exhibitionism, sexual abuse of spouse/ children
or other types of inappropriate sexual behavior.



A feature of the Amanecer Program is the utilization of non-traditional therapeutic techniques as adjuncts to the usual forms of psychotherapy.
On an individual-basis, certain cognitive-behavioral and re-training methods will be employed, together with other approaches such as anger and impulse management, relapse prevention planning and assertiveness training.




All participants of the AMANECER Program will be required to move through four basic treatment phases:


 Consists of psychological testing, initial interviews, motivation, suitability determination, and treatment planning.


Participant reviews and accepts requirements, agreements and expectations of program participation.

Treatment Phase

Includes group, individual and/or family psychotherapy. Psychiatric evaluation and/or medication may be recommended as needed.

Discharge Planning

Community placement, assessment of assets/ limitations, coordination with community agencies, coordination of future treatment efforts.

Program Completion

Completion of the program depends upon progress. Each program particant marks her / his program completion with the formulation of a Safety and Growth plan. Additional information can be obtained from the program’s director,William Schmidt PhD